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Once and only once I came at first sight of a girl. OK I was already highly aroused but I was so surprised and later delighted but the total lack of control. It’s something that I want to experience again, without placing myself into danger of course.
Seeing this girl reminded me of that time. She was walking at a good pace as I was driving up behind her. Slim black tights high cut away shorts and with lacy knickers. That is all I saw. Fuck. It lasted a second or two that’s all but she was the sexiest girl that I had ever seen. In a second she was every porn star that had made me come but here she was in the flesh. It was 5 oclock if she had been dressed like that all day she must have been fucked for sure. Ina fevered moment I plotted how I might fuck her too, nothing else mattered. Glancing in the wing mirrors I at least tried to ascertain her age or which way she was heading. I still don’t know and would only recognise her as she appeared to me then.
But I do recognise that feeling, that rush of lust, that basic desire to come into a girl. Without even asking.



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A lazy glance and I feel naked
Waiting with the other nice things
That you like to see
But don’t really want
Not at all hungry
But idly curious
I’d be happy to show you
If you would like it.


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You loved the outrageous parking and climbed into my car with in a manner that screamed ‘take me away’ We were both excited and thrilled to be living our fantasy and drove away and into our shared life. You trembled slightly and your eyes searched mine to find that I felt the same as you. You called me a city boy and I said that you looked beautiful.

It felt good to be near you and when I held you for the first time you later told me that it made you feel special. I gently steered you towards the bar and I longed to hold and move you more. I have many happy memories of that afternoon. I hope that this moment remains with you and makes you smile every time it passes into your daydreams.

The drink you sipped and coyly glanced at me over was later knocked to the floor when we had overcome our shyness.


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It always feels good to be with you and even to be seen with you. You look fantastic in your always smart and sexy clothes steady in your high heels your lovely always busy eyes your fine features and your lovely mouth and your enormous heart fastening chest pointing the way ahead. I noticed you because of it. I attracted you back with my first shy boy smiles. I had to rely on my personality to become your friend, I think that you liked the attention. I didn’t know then that you are so insecure and that my admiration and obvious but subtle desire for you is precisely what you needed. I think that you would be surprised to know how much and how often that I think about you. We are so measured in our actions together like an old fashioned courting couple. I enjoy the undercurrents swelling beneath us and the eyes and gossip that follows our movements. I am careful not to stare at your chest but feel comfortable with it and am always aware of your awareness of my awareness of it. But it’s easy to look into your eyes and watch your mouth move around your words. Do you like the way that I look at you? Is it obvious that I adore you? I would love to touch you more to smell your perfume and touch your skin with my lips but I am stopped in the way that I am careful not to get too close to a wild bird lest it flies away. I long to lay with you on a summers day to make you laugh freely to mess up your hair to make you need to reapply your lippy to hold your hand and to share a happy secret. But for now we must continue our old fashioned courtship.


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Jet black hair and almost white skin that looked like it would be cold to the touch. Her eyes were wide and bright but with welled up tears, not vitality. Her happiness was only thinly warming her, like winter sun. Loose fitting cotton clothing cast glimpses of gently rounded whiteness. I wondered if her scent was like daybreak over a cool but lovely morning as I watched her mouth moving. I listened with the whole of my body as she told me her troubles. I wanted to warm her with my hands.


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Plump and beautiful. But you’re not that. No. You are thin and beautiful, and as I pull your body against mine I am careful not to pull too hard as I’m afraid that I would hurt you, or even break you. I can feel your large breasts and I don’t want to let go. And I know that you would like to stay there too. I relish the moment and label it clearly, not wanting to lose it amongst the day’s sure to be forgotton moments. Later I sit in the fading winter light and inhale deeply in an attempt to catch your long gone fragrance and think about your nectar dripping into my eye.